Screw press

We offer:

Three different types of machines with throughputs of up to 2,000 kg of dry matter per hour.

  • Machine Type "Economy SP-EC":
    For sludge dewatering in the most diverse fields of application
  • Machine type "High Flow SP-HF":
    For sludge dewatering with the highest possible throughput
  • Machine Type "SP-HE High Efficiency":
    For sludge dewatering with significantly reduced polymer consumption


  • Many years of experience in wastewater technology in various industries
  • More than 200 screw presses based on IEA technology operated in Europe
  • Steady and fully automatic operation
  • Continuous and slow-running dewatering system
  • Low noise level <70 dB
  • Minimal wear and long service life
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of wearing parts with minimum dismantling costs.
  • Very low drive power consumption
  • All wetted parts are made of stainless steel
  • Low Carbon Footprint