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IEA Derflinger Gmbh
Sterzinggasse 3a
4055 Pucking

Phone: +43 664 351 74 04
Fax: +43 7229 87304
E-Mail: office@iea-press.com

IEA/MTI-Engineering GmbH
Nordring 59a
48465 Schüttdorf

Arian Ordelman
Phone: +31 623 227 706
E-Mail: ordelman@mti-engineering.nl

Richard Molendijk
Phone: +31 545 287 827
E-Mail: molendijk@mti-engineering.nl

IEA Press Asia Co. Ltd.
South Sathorn Road, Yannawa
1 Empire Tower, 47th Fl. Unit 4703

Wilfried Wimmler
Phone: +61 (0)8 6555 1807
Mobile: +61 (0)408 526 018
E-Mail: wilfried@ifs-consultants.com.au

IEA Brasil Equipamentos Ltda
Pomerode - SC

Fredolf Raduenz
R Progresso 523 Sala B
89.107-000 Testo Alto
Pomerode SC
Phone: +55 47 99106 4672
E-Mail: fredolf.raduenz@iea-brasil.com

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The IEA Team has developed the screw press for sludge dewatering in 1990 and since 2005 it is marketed in Europe and since 2010 produced in Austria by IEA Derflinger GmbH. Over 1000 references of sludge dewatering plants with the IEA screw press as dewatering unit where supplied in the last 10 years in Europe where IEA was solely responsible for assembly and commissioning  which shows the experience in this market segment.

The coordination of service is carried out by the company headquarter in A-4055 Pucking near Linz or directly by the respective national partners. Due to our diversity of types - more than 40 different types of screw press ( from 10 to 2.000kg DS dry solids per hour - for mining applications 50.000kg DS/h or more can be achieved)  - are offered, providing the best possible solution for each application.

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Made in Europe. For satisfied customers from all around the world.
Discover the individual solutions of IEA Derflinger GmbH.

Screw press

The IEA screw presses are mainly used for sludge dewatering and divided into three types.

IEA Filter Press

The IEA Filter Press press is a specially designed chamber / diaphragm filter press, which works 100% automatically.
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    Learn more about what's new in the world of IEA Derflinger GmbH.

    IFAT 2024 Munich

    In 2024, we will again be represented at IFAT in Munich. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth 235 in hall A2

    Breaking News

    News Thermofiltration & Screw Press up to 5% TS points increase in the drainage value!

    IRONMAN 2022

    The IEA team not only shines through outstanding professional achievements !!! Our development and production manager shone on 3 July 2022 with his truly extraordinary sporting and mental performance at the IRONMAN !! !!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE...

    NEWS Industry Australia

    IEA PRESS - Unbeatable for maintenance costs

    IEA defines the service life of the screw seal, which is the only relevant wearing part of the IEA-PRESS, with 5,000 to 15,000 operating hours. In fact, however, lifetimes are much higher in many cases. Many IEA screw presses are operated without...

    Compact sludge dewatering

    Whether in a container, on a trailer or a base frame variant. IEA offers all solutions for compact, space-saving sludge dewatering systems with IEA-Press. From the pre-assembled system to special designs according to customer requirements, we have...

    IEA mobile dewatering fleet

    IEA mobile dewatering fleet with two roadtrains SP-HF 06XL and SP-HF 08 XL

    IFAT 2018 Munich

    Have you heard....?

    The IEA Rowing Team will be participating in the 2017 Rowing World Championship in Slowenia this September!

    WWTP Göteborg

    World wide largest reference!

    Mobile sludge dewatering with SP-HF 06 XL Screw Press

    Due to the increasing demand for pilot test work with the screw press to display the dewatering features in terms of dewatering result, polymer consumption and capture rate in the filtrate  MTI Engineering BV together with IEA Derflinger GmbH...

    Filtrate water treatment as an option

    Increasingly, the solid capture rate in the filtrate water is discussed. The requirement of guaranteed filtration efficiency in the filtrate of >99% required IEA to develop a filtrate polishing for sludge dewatering installations. The fully...

    Our team is at your disposal

    To develop professional solutions for our Clients problems - this is the concern of our entire team.
    Get to know the people behind IEA Derflinger GmbH.

    Ing. Franz Derflinger

    +43 664 / 3517404
    office [at] iea-press.com

    Ing. Ronald Poelgeest

    Sales & Technical Solutions
    +43 664 / 88298687
    office [at] iea-press.com

    DI (FH) Artur Salawa

    Sales & Technical Solutions
    +43 664 1041249
    office [at] iea-press.com

    Ing. Hans Plakolm

    Enterprise resource planning & spare parts management
    +43 664 1936266
    office [at] iea-press.com

    Andreas Haag

    Production & Quality Management
    +43 664 / 2325641
    office [at] iea-press.com

    Astrid Pachler

    Accounting / Controlling
    +43 699 17131188
    office [at] iea-press.com

    Franz Derflinger sen.

    +43 664 / 4471997
    office [at] fdm-maschinenbau.at

    MAGa. Jana Kinclova

    Supplier and personnel management
    +43 676 814283698
    office [at] iea-press.com

    Goran Bijelic

    Technical Support
    +43 664/88269690
    office [at] iea-press.com

    Nikola Proissl

    Administration (part time)
    +43 664 / 2281477
    office [at] iea-press.com

    Anna Proissl

    +43 664 2308125
    office [at] iea-press.com

    MAGa.Eszter Poelgeest

    +43 664/88298687
    office [at] iea-press.com